Whither goest the RGS proteins?

David P. Siderovski, Bentley Strockbine, Cynthia I. Behe

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Studies of the desensitization of G protein-coupled signal transduction have led to the discovery of a family of guanosine triphosphatase-activating proteins (GAPs) for heterotrimeric G protein alpha subunits the 'regulator of G protein signaling' or RGS proteins. In considering both documented and potential functions of several RGS protein family members with demonstrable multidomain compositions (p115RhoGEF, PDZRhoGEF, Axin, Axil/Conductin, D- AKAP2, the G protein-coupled receptor kinases [GRKs], the DEP/GGL/RGS subfamily [RGS6, RGS7, RGS9, RGS 11], and RGS 12), this review explores the shift in our appreciation of the RGS proteins from unidimensional desensitizing agents to multifocal signal transduction regulators.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)215-251
Number of pages37
JournalCritical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Issue number4
StatePublished - 1999


  • Desensitization, effector proteins
  • GGL
  • GoLoco
  • PDZ
  • PTB
  • RGS
  • Regulators of G protein signaling
  • Scaffold proteins
  • Signal transduction


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