Surface-plasmon-coupled emission of rhodamine 110 in a silica nanolayer

Simeonika Rangełowa-Jankowska, Dawid Jankowski, Beata Grobelna, Ignacy Gryczyński, Zygmunt Gryczyński, Robert Bogdanowicz, Piotr Bojarski

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The first observation of strong directional surface-plasmon-coupled emission (SPCE) of Rhodamine 110 in silica nanofilms deposited on silver nanolayers is reported. The preparation of the material is described in detail. The intensity of SPCE exceeds 10 times that of free space fluorescence and total linear light polarization in the SPCE ring is observed. A new experimental setup and an original data collection method is presented. Our material completely preserves its fluorescence properties for at least eight months.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2449-2452
Number of pages4
Issue number13
StatePublished - 12 Sep 2011


  • fluorescence
  • nanostructures
  • rhodamine 110
  • surface-plasmon-coupled emission
  • thin films


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