Lung and splenic B cells facilitate diverse effects on in vitro measures of antitumor immune responses

Harlan P. Jones, Yi Chong Wang, Beau Aldridge, Jay M. Weiss

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In vitro measures of immune responsiveness toward tumors provide relevant information regarding the prevention and metastatic potential of cancer. In addition, the compartmentalization of immune responses is likely to be an important factor in dictating host antitumor immune responses. We have previously demonstrated that injection of antibody against B cells diminished pulmonary antitumor defenses. In the current study, we determined the effect of B cells on antitumor cellular responses against a lung metastatic tumor, MADB106. Lung B cells displayed sustained surface expression of CD80 and CD86, as compared to spleen B cells, in the presence of MADB106 tumor. Removal of B cells from lung lymphocyte cultures resulted in diminished IFN-γ secretion and tumor lysis, whereas removal of B cells from spleen lymphocytes exposed to tumor resulted in elevated IFN-γ and increased tumor lysis. Furthermore, a correlative increase in CD80 and CD86 co-stimulatory molecule expression by lung B cells was observed in mice subjected to MADB106 tumor. These findings provide additional evidence of the importance of pulmonary B cell responses in tumor defenses.

Original languageEnglish
JournalCancer Immunity
StatePublished - 19 Feb 2008


  • B lymphocytes
  • Cancer
  • Immunologic cytotoxicity
  • Lung
  • MADB106
  • Rats
  • Spleen


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