UNT Health Science Center IMSD

  • Jones, Harlan (PI)
  • Jones, Harlan (PI)
  • He, Johnny (PI)

Project Details


Project Narrative The overarching goal of the UNTHSC IMSD Program is to support the timely completion of Ph.D. degrees by underrepresented groups and their transition into successful biomedical careers. The project has three main objectives: Objective 1) Enhance the pool of underrepresented students that complete a Ph.D. and continue in biomedical research careers, Objective 2) To ensure that at least 80% of Ph.D. students will complete the Ph.D. degree and Objective 3)Contribute to ongoing student and faculty efforts to reduce the gap in the completion of Ph.D. degrees between underrepresented students and those from other backgrounds in participating departments.
Effective start/end date1/02/1831/01/23


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