• Lacko, Andras (PI)
  • Harris, Ben Gerald (PI)
  • Harris, Ben Gerald (PI)

Project Details


We are requesting equipment to complete a distributed, yet
integrated, imaging facility for the Center for Fluorescence
Research in Biomedical Sciences. Four separate laboratories will
be networked to allow multiple user image acquisition and
analysis based on primarily on our VICOM image processing
system. Four major projects from the heart of the proposal, but
other users from the Departments of Biological Sciences and
Chemistry are expected. The growth factor stimulation of
quiescent cells and macrophage chemotaxis will be the main
biological studies. Project 1 focuses on ratio imaging as a
spectroscopic methods to measure the spatial and temporal
changes in physiological parameters such as pH an pCa. Project 2
is aimed at using multiple parameter analyses of 2 or more
separable fluorescent probes to correlate the spatial and temporal
dynamics of a variety of cellular functions. Project 3 will begin
to perform 3-D reconstructions of actin networks in living cells
and will quantify the distance from the cell substrate to selected
molecules by 2 wavelength total internal reflection image
analysis. Finally, Project 4 will begin to develop methods for
mapping the spatial and temporal variations in fluorescence
lifetime and fluorescence anisotrophy of suitably labeled proteins
in living cells. The rotational diffusion of calmodulin will be the
first target. Carnegie-Mellon has given the Fluorescence Center
the resources to obtain all of the optical and electronic equipment
for the time-resolved microscope.
Effective start/end date31/12/8928/02/95


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