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HABS-HD ADMINISTRATIVE CORE (CORE A) - ABSTRACT Core A has been providing leadership and management to the Health & Aging Brain Study – Health Disparities (HABS-HD) study since inception and has ensured all proposed metrics have been met. Core A will continue to support the overall mission of HABS-HD to achieve the long-term goal of establishing a comprehensive understanding of AT(N) defined biomarkers across diverse populations, thereby addressing one of the most critical gaps in the existing literature as well as multiple components of NIA AD+ADRD Research Implementation Milestone 1. Given the recent approval of an anti-amyloid drug, this work is now more important than ever. The overall goal of the HABS-HD Core A is to continue to provide critical organizational oversight in order to accomplish the scientific goals and to serve as the nexus of leadership for the U19 as a whole and each of its interlocking Cores, Projects, and committees. Core A will coordinate the integrated components and activities of HABS-HD to accomplish the following aims: Aim 1: Provide organizational support and structure to the Multi Principal Investigator (MPI) team, Cores, Projects and committees. Aim 2: Continue to provide structured communication activities for the HABS-HD team. Organize and make decisions on recommendations from the Core and Project Leads and committees as well as execute those decisions. Organize and plan the annual HABS-HD meetings. Organize and be responsible for any/all NIA communications and reporting. Aim 3: Work with the Cores, Projects, Executive Committee (EC) and Steering Committee (SC) to: (a) continue to refine and monitor structure for ensuring progress towards goals for all aspects of HABS-HD including participant recruitment/retention, protocol refinement and development, participant assessments, biospecimen collection, storage and dissemination of data and biospecimens, (b) ensure timely completion of the HABS-HD Projects and (c) monitor all IRB and FDA IND (PET tau tracer) aspects of the study. Aim 4: Working with all Cores, ensure the refinement/development and public availability of all HABS-HD policies and procedures for data collection, data quality control (QC), resource (data and biospecimens) sharing and dissemination, publications, and potential new research directions. Aim 5: Work with the Neuroimaging & Informatics Core, Biostatistics Core and data teams, to generate, refine and implement a series of policies and committees to support access to data through the LONI data portal. Promote and encourage utilization of these unique and valuable data. Monitor data utilization and ensure that systems for data access are effective and efficient. Work with the Development Core to ensure access of HABS-HD data to junior investigators interested in health disparities research in AD. Aim 6: Work with all Core and Project Leads/Co-Leads to ensure maximum collaboration within the HABS-HD team. Aim 7: Work with all Cores to ensure maximum overlap with other ongoing, large-scale AD+ADRD programs to ensure cross-study comparisons and facilitate access to HABS-HD data for these other initiatives.
Effective start/end date1/08/2231/07/23


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