Administrative Core

  • Singh, Meharvan (PI)
  • Singh, Meharvan (PI)
  • Koulen, Peter (PI)
  • Forster, Michael (PI)

Project Details


The Administrative Core will manage the overall progress of the Program Project with the ultimate goal of defining the neurobiological basis of the therapeutic window of opportunity for estrogen and progesterone. The Administrative Core will: 1) hold overall responsibility for the administration of the program project, 2) manage the fiscal aspects of the Program Project, including the set up of project and core accounts, the appointment of new employees and re-appointment of existing personnel to the program accounts, reconciling accounts, reporting budgets to investigators, ordering of reagents and supplies, tracking orders and reporting expenditures to the UNT Health Science Center as well as NIA personnel, 3) manage the interactions between projects and cores, provide statistical support for all projects, and procure and distribute human tissue to the projects, and 4) foster an environment for the intellectual interactions of program investigators and between investigators at the UNT Health Science Center community, and with the research community at large.
Effective start/end date1/12/1530/11/16