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(3 chlorophenyl) biguanide

Machu, T., 1 Jan 2007, xPharm: The Comprehensive Pharmacology Reference. Elsevier Inc., p. 1-2 2 p.

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Serotonin Receptors
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(3-Cyano-5-fluorophenyl)biaryl negative allosteric modulators of mGlu5: Discovery of a new tool compound with activity in the OSS mouse model of addiction

Lindsley, C. W., Bates, B. S., Menon, U. N., Jadhav, S. B., Kane, A. S., Jones, C. K., Rodriguez, A. L., Conn, P. J., Olsen, C. M., Winder, D. G. & Emmitte, K. A., 17 Aug 2011, In : ACS Chemical Neuroscience. 2, 8, p. 471-482 12 p.

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Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors
Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors

[13] Synthesis and applications of affinity matrix containing immobilized βγ subunits of G proteins

Pang, I. H., Smrcka, A. V. & Sternweis, P. C., 19 Aug 1994, In : Methods in Enzymology. 237, p. 154-174 21 p.

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GTP-Binding Proteins
Heptanoic Acids
Anti-HIV Agents
Drug Monitoring
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13C labeling indicates that the epoxide-containing amino acid of HC- toxin is biosynthesized by head-to-tail condensation of acetate

Cheng, Y., Le, L. D., Walton, J. D. & Bishop, K. D., 1 Jan 1999, In : Journal of Natural Products. 62, 1, p. 143-145 3 p.

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Epoxy Compounds
Amino Acids
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2-Amino-N-{4-[5-(2-phenanthrenyl)-3-(trifluoromethyl)-1H-pyrazol-1-yl] -phenyl} acetamide (OSU-03012), a celecoxib derivative, directly targets p21-activated kinase

Porchia, L. M., Guerra, M., Wang, Y-C., Zhang, Y., Espinosa, A. V., Shinohara, M., Kulp, S. K., Kirschner, L. S., Saji, M., Chen, C. S. & Ringel, M. D., 1 Nov 2007, In : Molecular Pharmacology. 72, 5, p. 1124-1131 8 p.

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p21-Activated Kinases
1-Phosphatidylinositol 4-Kinase
Thyroid Neoplasms
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3-Cyano-5-fluoro-N-arylbenzamides as negative allosteric modulators of mGlu 5: Identification of easily prepared tool compounds with CNS exposure in rats

Felts, A. S., Lindsley, S. R., Lamb, J. P., Rodriguez, A. L., Menon, U. N., Jadhav, S., Jones, C. K., Conn, P. J., Lindsley, C. W. & Emmitte, K. A., 1 Aug 2010, In : Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters. 20, 15, p. 4390-4394 5 p.

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Protein Binding
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5,5,6-Fused tricycles bearing imidazole and pyrazole 6-methylidene penems as broad-spectrum inhibitors of β-lactamases

Venkatesan, A. M., Agarwal, A., Abe, T., Ushirogochi, H., Ado, M., Tsuyoshi, T., Dos Santos, O., Li, Z., Francisco, G., Lin, Y. I., Petersen, P. J., Yang, Y., Weiss, W. J., Shlaes, D. M. & Mansour, T. S., 15 Feb 2008, In : Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry. 16, 4, p. 1890-1902 13 p.

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Bearings (structural)
Transmission electron microscopy
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5′cytosine-Phospho-Guanine island methylation is responsible for p14ARF inactivation and inversely correlates with p53 overexpression in resected non-small cell lung cancer

Hsu, H. S., Wang, Y. C., Tseng, R. C., Chang, J. W., Chen, J. T., Shih, C. M., Chen, C. Y. & Wang, Y. C., 15 Jul 2004, In : Clinical Cancer Research. 10, 14, p. 4734-4741 8 p.

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Tumor Suppressor Protein p14ARF
Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
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A1 adenosine receptors of bovine brain couple to guanine nucelotide-binding proteins G(i1), G(i2), and G(o)

Munshi, R., Pang, I-H., Sternweis, P. C. & Linden, J., 1 Jan 1991, In : Journal of Biological Chemistry. 266, 33, p. 22285-22289 5 p.

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Adenosine A1 Receptors
GTP-Binding Proteins
Carrier Proteins
Bone Fractures
HIV Infections
Bone and Bones
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Abdominal lymphatic pump treatment increases leukocyte count and flux in thoracic duct lymph

Hodge, L. M., King, H. H., Williams, A. G., Reder, S. J., Belavadi, T., Simecka, J., Stoll, S. T. & Downey, H. F., 1 Jun 2007, In : Lymphatic Research and Biology. 5, 2, p. 127-133 7 p.

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Thoracic Duct
Leukocyte Count
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Acceleration of oxidative protein folding by curcumin through novel non-redox chemistry

Gomez, G., Mansouraty, G., Gardea, J. & Narayan, M., 21 Dec 2007, In : Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 364, 3, p. 561-566 6 p.

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Protein folding
Pancreatic Ribonuclease
Protein Folding
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Access to services, quality of care, and family impact for children with autism, other developmental disabilities, and other mental health conditions

Vohra, R., Madhavan, S., Sambamoorthi, U. & St Peter, C., 1 Oct 2014, In : Autism. 18, 7, p. 815-826 12 p.

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Developmental Disabilities
Quality of Health Care
Autistic Disorder
Mental Health
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ACCP Clinical Pharmacist Competencies

Saseen, J. J., Ripley, T. L., Bondi, D., Burke, J. M., Cohen, L. J., McBane, S., McConnell, K. J., Sackey, B., Sanoski, C., Simonyan, A., Taylor, J. & Vande Griend, J. P., May 2017, In : Pharmacotherapy. 37, 5, p. 630-636 7 p.

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Clinical Competence
Patient Care
Health Communication
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Nutrition Surveys
Hypoglycemic Agents
Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Life Style
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A convergent coupling strategy for the formation of polycyclic ethers: Stereoselective synthesis of the BCDE fragment of brevetoxin A

Crimmins, M. T., McDougall, P. J. & Emmitte, K. A., 1 Sep 2005, In : Organic Letters. 7, 18, p. 4033-4036 4 p.

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glycolic acid
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Actions of anesthetics on ligand-gated ion channels: Role of receptor subunit composition

Adron Harris, R., John Mihic, S., Dildy-Mayfield, J. E. & Machu, T. K., 11 Dec 1995, In : FASEB Journal. 9, 14, p. 1454-1462 9 p.

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Ligand-Gated Ion Channels
Intravenous Anesthetics
alpha-Amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic Acid
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Activation of ClpP protease by ADEP antibiotics: Insights from hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry

Sowole, M. A., Alexopoulos, J. A., Cheng, Y., Ortega, J. & Konermann, L., 15 Nov 2013, In : Journal of Molecular Biology. 425, 22, p. 4508-4519 12 p.

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Mass Spectrometry
Peptide Hydrolases
Anti-Bacterial Agents
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Activation of mTOR: A culprit of Alzheimer’s disease?

Cai, Z., Chen, G., He, W., Xiao, M. & Yan, L. J., 9 Apr 2015, In : Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment. 11, p. 1015-1030 16 p.

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Alzheimer Disease
Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3
Amyloid Precursor Protein Secretases
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Activation of phospholipase C and guanylyl cyclase by endothelins in human trabecular meshwork cells

Haque, M. S. R., Pang, I. H., Magnino, P. E. & DeSantis, L., 1 Jan 1998, In : Current Eye Research. 17, 12, p. 1110-1117 8 p.

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Trabecular Meshwork
Guanylate Cyclase
Type C Phospholipases
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Activation of the BKCa channel increases outflow facility and decreases trabecular meshwork cell volume

Dismuke, W. M. & Ellis, D. Z., 1 Aug 2009, In : Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 25, 4, p. 309-313 5 p.

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Trabecular Meshwork
Cell Size
Large-Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium Channels
Organ Culture Techniques
Fluorescent Dyes
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Activators of Cylindrical Proteases as Antimicrobials: Identification and Development of Small Molecule Activators of ClpP Protease

Leung, E., Datti, A., Cossette, M., Goodreid, J., McCaw, S. E., Mah, M., Nakhamchik, A., Ogata, K., El Bakkouri, M., Cheng, Y. Q., Wodak, S. J., Eger, B. T., Pai, E. F., Liu, J., Gray-Owen, S., Batey, R. A. & Houry, W. A., 23 Sep 2011, In : Chemistry and Biology. 18, 9, p. 1167-1178 12 p.

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Peptide Hydrolases
Adenosine Triphosphate
Serine Proteases

Active and passive cigarette smoking influence aortic PGI2 and platelet TXA2 synthesis in female rats

Valentovic, M. A. & Lubawy, W. C., 1 Dec 1984, In : Research Communications in Substances of Abuse. 5, 3, p. 233-240 8 p.

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Tobacco Smoke Pollution
Blood Platelets
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Activities of tigecycline (GAR-936) against Legionella pneumophila in vitro and in guinea pigs with L. pneumophila pneumonia

Edelstein, P. H., Weiss, W. J. & Edelstein, M. A. C., 1 Feb 2003, In : Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 47, 2, p. 533-540 8 p.

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Legionella pneumophila
Guinea Pigs
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Activity of meropenem-vaborbactam against carbapenem- resistant enterobacteriaceae in a murine model of pyelonephritis

Weiss, W. J., Pulse, M. E., Nguyen, P., Peterson, K., Silva, J., Simecka, J. W., Valtierra, D., Sabet, M. & Griffith, D. C., Jan 2018, In : Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 62, 1, e01439.

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Klebsiella pneumoniae
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Viral Load
Oral Medicine
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Acute effects of glaucoma medications on rat intraocular pressure

Pang, I-H., Wang, W. H. & Clark, A., 1 Feb 2005, In : Experimental eye research. 80, 2, p. 207-214 8 p.

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Intraocular Pressure
Topical Administration
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Acute Mycoplasma pulmonis infection associated with coagulopathy in C3H/HeN mice

Faulkner, C. B., Davidson, M. K., Davis, J. K., Schoeb, T. R., Simecka, J. & Lindsey, J. R., 1 Jan 1995, In : Laboratory Animal Science. 45, 4, p. 368-372 5 p.

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Mycoplasma pulmonis
Mycoplasma Infections
Inbred C3H Mouse
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Acute tobacco smoke exposure alters the profile of metabolites produced from benzo[a]pyrene by the isolated perfused rabbit lung

Lubawy, W. C. & Isaac, R. S., 1 Jan 1980, In : Toxicology. 18, 1, p. 37-47 11 p.

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Acute treatment with pyrrolo(1,4)benzodiazepine antitumor antibiotics alters in vitro hepatic drug metabolizing activity in rats

Atkinson, J. E. & Lubawy, W. C., 1 Jan 1983, In : Toxicology Letters. 18, 3, p. 337-342 6 p.

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Anti-Bacterial Agents
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Acyldepsipeptide antibiotics induce the formation of a structured axial channel in ClpP: A model for the ClpX/ClpA-bound state of ClpP

Li, D. H. S., Chung, Y. S., Gloyd, M., Joseph, E., Ghirlando, R., Wright, G. D., Cheng, Y., Maurizi, M. R., Guarné, A. & Ortega, J., 24 Sep 2010, In : Chemistry and Biology. 17, 9, p. 959-969 11 p.

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Protein Unfolding
Adenosine Triphosphatases
Anti-Bacterial Agents
Escherichia coli
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Adenoviral Gene Delivery Elicits Distinct Pulmonary-Associated T Helper Cell Responses to the Vector and to Its Transgene

Van Ginkel, F. W., McGhee, J. R., Liu, C., Simecka, J. W., Yamamoto, M., Frizzell, R. A., Sorscher, E. J., Kiyono, H. & Pascual, D. W., 15 Jul 1997, In : Journal of Immunology. 159, 2, p. 685-693 9 p.

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Helper-Inducer T-Lymphocytes
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Transforming Growth Factors
Intraocular Pressure
Aqueous Humor
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Drug products
United States Food and Drug Administration
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ADHD medications and cardiovascular adverse events in children and adolescents: cross-national comparison of risk communication in drug labeling

Sieluk, J., Palasik, B., dosReis, S. & Doshi, P., 1 Mar 2017, In : Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 26, 3, p. 274-284 11 p.

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Drug Labeling
Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity
Product Labeling
Delivery of Health Care

Adherence conference: elements of success.

Clay, P. G., 1 Jan 2004, In : Positively aware : the monthly journal of the Test Positive Aware Network. 15, 2, p. 16-17 2 p.

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Anti-HIV Agents
Peer Group
Patient Compliance
Social Support
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Adherence to Antihyperlipidemic Medication and Lipid Control in Diabetic Veterans Affairs Patients with Psychotic Disorders

Nelson, L. A., Graham, M. R., Lindsey, C. C. & Rasu, R. S., 1 Jul 2011, In : Psychosomatics. 52, 4, p. 310-318 9 p.

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Hypolipidemic Agents
Medication Adherence
Psychotic Disorders

A didactic community pharmacy course to improve pharmacy students’ clinical skills and business management knowledge

Bullock, K. C. & Horne, S., Apr 2019, In : American journal of pharmaceutical education. 83, 3, p. 347-355 9 p., 6581.

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Pharmacy Students
Knowledge Management
business management
Clinical Competence

ADME and ocular therapeutics: Retina

Van Der Schyf, C. J., Crish, S. D., Crish, C., Inman, D. M. & Geldenhuys, W. J., 16 Jan 2014, Ocular Pharmacology and Toxicology. Gilger, B. (ed.). p. 81-89 9 p. (Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology).

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

Posterior Eye Segment
Pharmaceutical Preparations
Eye Diseases
Macular Degeneration
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Dihydrolipoamide Dehydrogenase
Ischemic Preconditioning
Wounds and Injuries
5-methoxyindole-2-carboxylic acid
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Advanced strategies for treatment of Parkinson's disease: the role of early treatment.

Jann, M. W., 1 Jan 2011, In : The American journal of managed care. 17 Suppl 12

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Parkinson Disease
Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors
Activities of Daily Living
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Advances in glaucoma therapeutics

Clark, A. F. & Pang, I. H., 27 Jun 2002, In : Expert Opinion on Emerging Drugs. 7, 1, p. 141-163 23 p.

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Ocular Hypertension
Neuroprotective Agents
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Advances in human immunodeficiency virus therapeutics

Clay, P. G., Dong, B. J., Sorensen, S. J., Tseng, A., Romanelli, F. & Antoniou, T., 1 Apr 2006, In : Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 40, 4, p. 704-709 6 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Protease Inhibitors
CCR5 Receptors
CXCR4 Receptors

Advances in the diagnosis and treatment of depression: Introduction

Cohen, L. J., 1 Jan 1995, In : Pharmacotherapy. 15, 6 II, p. 67S-68S

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Advancing biological understanding and therapeutics discovery with small-molecule probes

Schreiber, S. L., Kotz, J. D., Li, M., Aubé, J., Austin, C. P., Reed, J. C., Rosen, H., White, E. L., Sklar, L. A., Lindsley, C. W., Alexander, B. R., Bittker, J. A., Clemons, P. A., De Souza, A., Foley, M. A., Palmer, M., Shamji, A. F., Wawer, M. J., McManus, O., Wu, M. & 26 others, Zou, B., Yu, H., Golden, J. E., Schoenen, F. J., Simeonov, A., Jadhav, A., Jackson, M. R., Pinkerton, A. B., Chung, T. D. Y., Griffin, P. R., Cravatt, B. F., Hodder, P. S., Roush, W. R., Roberts, E., Chung, D. H., Jonsson, C. B., Noah, J. W., Severson, W. E., Ananthan, S., Edwards, B., Oprea, T. I., Conn, P. J., Hopkins, C. R., Wood, M. R., Stauffer, S. R. & Emmitte, K. A., 1 Jan 2015, In : Cell. 161, 6, p. 1252-1265 14 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Biological Phenomena
Biological systems
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Adverse interactions between antifungal azoles and vincristine: Review and analysis of cases

Moriyama, B., Henning, S. A., Leung, J., Falade-Nwulia, O., Jarosinski, P., Penzak, S. R. & Walsh, T. J., 1 Jul 2012, In : Mycoses. 55, 4, p. 290-297 8 p.

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Drug Interactions
Antifungal Agents
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A eukaryotic alanine racemase gene involved in cyclic peptide biosynthesis

Cheng, Y. Q. & Walton, J. D., 18 Feb 2000, In : Journal of Biological Chemistry. 275, 7, p. 4906-4911 6 p.

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Alanine Racemase
Peptide Biosynthesis
Cyclic Peptides
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A Genetically Encoded, Phage-Displayed Cyclic-Peptide Library

Wang, X. S., Chen, P. H. C., Hampton, J. T., Tharp, J. M., Reed, C. A., Das, S. K., Wang, D. S., Hayatshahi, H. S., Shen, Y., Liu, J. & Liu, W. R., 28 Oct 2019, In : Angewandte Chemie - International Edition. 58, 44, p. 15904-15909 6 p.

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Peptide Library
Cyclic Peptides